Brighter Shores: A New Adventure from Andrew Gower

Andrew Gower, the creator of Runescape, is set to release a new game, Brighter Shores, in Q3 2024. Known for his innovative MMORPG designs, Gower brings a new point-and-click RPG 10 years in the making!

Brighter Shores is set in a magical land with numerous professions to explore. The game will probably offer hundreds of hours of gameplay (if it’s anything like Runescape) emphasizing discovery and mastery of various skills.

Gower’s famous “99 / 2 is 92” calculation for achieving level 99 in Runescape highlights his unique approach to game design and the absolute methodigal grind that is required to maximize all stats.

Runescape was a significant part of my childhood and provided valuable lessons beyond mere entertainment. Through the game, I improved my English skills, as interacting with other players required understanding and using the language effectively. I also learned basic economics by engaging in the in-game marketplace, understanding supply and demand, and managing resources. Additionally, Runescape was where I first encountered scams and scammers, teaching me early lessons about business and life. These experiences have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of various real-world concepts.

MMORPGs provide immersive and social experiences, and Runescape played a big role in my own life. As such I look forward to see what Brighter Shores has in store for us.